Unified Product View

Our Unified Product View (UPV) creates ‘Golden Products’ of your product data. This means that there is one, up-to-date and integrated version of your product data. Our solution can prevent that information is stored in multiple databases in different systems. This ensures a clear and transparent view of your data.

The Unified Product View creates more insight into the product data of your organization. UPV helps companies optimizing business in three areas:

1. UPV improves insight and control over your product data and the processing of product information. Moreover, it saves your organization time by increasing the efficiency of your data. This time reduction can run up to 90% compared to similar software like Excel.

2. Better insight into your product data gives you a better overview of the performance of your suppliers.

3. An accurate view of your data reduces the chances of warnings and possible fines by the government. A better insight prevents ambiguities.