Machine Learning Challenges

The three biggest B2B Machine Learning challenges and how to deal with them Nowadays, there are a lot of great opportunities for Machine Learning (ML) solutions in the B2B market. Not only adding intelligence to sales channels but also performing your operations in a smarter way. Combining the power of intelligent employees with smart technology .....
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PRESS RELEASE: ISTANBUL/UTRECHT – and Kentivo, both specialized in machine learning, have signed a partnership agreement. From now on Kentivo can leverage for the scalability and continuous training of machine learning models of software., on their turn, is able to use the project and solution capabilities of Kentivo to offer not only …..

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Intelligent Legacy Systems

Making great commerce excellent! SAP Hybris Commerce, is a major platform to create a global commerce experience. However, to leverage its power in a global setting, location intelligence can further enhance the customer experience to make it excellent commerce. Whether buying in South Korea or in Canada, every customer wants to be recognized from the .....
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Enhanced Insights

KILL THE DASHBOARD Lately, too many words are becoming over-hyped and the tech industry is especially guilty of this. There are some tech words that everyone overuses without giving it a second thought. One of them is real-time dashboard technology. Granted, dashboards can look very pretty and indeed, they enable us to see what is .....
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Advanced User Interaction

USE AI FOR SMART INTERACTION Many user interactions have been designed and implemented based on false assumptions. The impact of machine learning, when mixing it with available data inside and outside the organization, often is not considered. By understanding and designing around your users' contexts, you can forecast data that is required in its interactions. .....
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How much time does it take to learn text analytics and sketch out a bot for business?

With Kentivo it only takes a 45-minute workshop! And you’ll get a taste for the future! Yesterday, during the Innovation Symposium ‘Tomorrow is Today’ hosted by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministerie) in Vianen, Mike van Pamelen & Ellis Zijlstra gave a workshop on how we can create bots for businesses by leveraging the power …..

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The Kentivo Group of companies are delighted to announce the acquisition of MediaDigitaal B.V. in Amsterdam, The Netherlands as per June 29th, 2017. MediaDigitaal B.V., also known as MD Info, will become a separate business unit within the Kentivo Group and will focus on expanding their current business propositions in terms of Digital Publishing and …..

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